Mystique Interior Design and Decorating
Mystique Interior Design and Decorating


Our office that caters for 9 people was dull and depressing. We were looking to create an exciting environment where we all would feel energised to work in. Well done Mystique, you have created this environment for us.
Patrica Veralis - Miranda NSW
0412 723 688


Businesses of all sizes are coming to recognise that professional design is a key step in ensuring their premises create the right impression and reflect their organisational image and aspirations.

Working in partnership with our clients, our designers create environments that are right. Environments that become happy places to work and impressive places to meet clients.

From small offices to corporate buildings we have the experience, skill, flair and talent to create the right environment, maximise the value of your budget and ensure you avoid costly design mistakes.

Mystique Interior Design and Decorating provides businesses and commercial premises with a wide range of design services, from consultancy through to a full design package.

Whether relocating premises or updating existing offices, or a complete refurbishment; Mystiqe have the experience, the knowledge and the flair to offer a design solution whatever the size of your budget.